Acupuncture for eyes troubles

Acupuncture for eyes troubles


The most famous healing technique of Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture uses needles to stimulate your body to heal. The Chinese have recorded the points of the circulation of energy (qi), over the whole body for thousands of years, and therefore can apply needles to various places to treat hundreds of conditions. Acupuncture remains a secure way of balancing your emotions and relaxing your body.

It produces no side effects and is especially effective in aiding the relaxation response. Acupuncture is used to treat eye conditions like conjunctivitis, myopia (especially at the beginning), diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and glaucoma.

Keratoconus is not treated with acupuncture; however,  we with keratoconus suffer other eye conditions like – infections, dry eyes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, floaters, and cataracts. You need a practitioner with experience in treating eye diseases with acupuncture, they exist and generally, their treatments are holistic in nature using massage, herbs, homeopathy, supplements, and nutrition.

Acupuncture for eyes

Acupuncture puts needles in places far away to the eyes based on the energy meridians involved, on the pattern discrimination, and on the organs out of balance. These are points generally in liver and gallbladder meridians, especially in the legs, torso, and scalp. In the Chinese view, the liver fulfills an increasingly prominent role in nurturing the eyes. It is the acupuncturist’s job to detect the points in your body and stimulate them with needles without injuring you or any of your organs. There are different sorts of needles, insertion techniques, insertion angles, and deepness used at any particular point.

Acupuncture points nomenclature

Acupuncture points have a nomenclature aside from their Chinese names using the main organ meridian the point influences. Lung Meridian is abbreviated – (LU) in ascending number sequence LU1(Zhongfu), LU2, LU3… LU11(Shaoshang). The points are selected with care and taking into consideration the zang-fu organ imbalance, the five elements relationships within them, the eight indicators and the meridians involved, for more info on Traditional Chinese Medicine read Chinese Herbal Formulas

Fictional Acupuncture treatment for Keratoconus

First, a Traditional Chinese Doctor will analyze your disease symptoms and will arrive at a pattern diagnosis. Then decide on a regimen. In acupuncture as the therapy advances the symptoms change, so the doctor modifies the treatment accordingly.

Chinese Pattern Diagnosed: Liver and blood stagnation, yin deficiency of lung and kidney.

Stagnation of liver qi points selected: LR14, LR3, GB34: LR-liver, GB-Gallbladder.
Nourish qi and blood points: ST38, SP6: ST-Stomach, SP-Spleen.
Reinforce liver and kidney yin points: LR3, KI3, BL18, BL23: KI-Kidney, BL-Bladder.
Strengthen lung qi points: LU9, SP3, LI11, BL13 (remember lung is related to the cornea): LU-Lung, LI-Large Intestine.

There is a logic behind the treatment. Some points are stimulated with needles or with moxibustion*, you need an acupuncturist with experience in these points. The duration of the therapy is usually half an hour three times a week, and you will be alone relaxing in a room.

*****Application of heat

Acupuncture for eyes practitioners… i know of:

UK , Bath: Julian Scott

Denmark : Boel family

USA , NJ : Andy Rosenfarb

USA , Bentonville Arkansas : Lizbeth Ryan

Mexico , Mexico City : Luo Lijuan

There must be a lot many in mainland China, Japan, and Korea if you are there, but the language is sometimes an obstacle for us.


Acupuncture is safe, has no side effects, and can help you with many conditions like general pain or even high blood pressure. It can complement your regular medical therapy and excellent nutrition. It is a well-accepted treatment for people of all ages, kids and even pets, it is fun and makes you feel great.

With all this pandemic around, I don’t worry much about having an acupuncture treatment since you are basically alone and relaxing after the needles are inserted in you.

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