Keratoconus what to do

Keratoconus what to do

The purpose of this article is to generate awareness of the phenomenon of ophthalmic degenerative diseases like keratoconus, and the importance of discovering how we use our eyes, and what we can do apart from getting lenses or other treatments to try to improve our condition.

Keratoconus what to do?- It is a mystery, a process that has been lurking around for some time, it is not an accident, there are causes. To believe we have a condition just by chance, even when it’s accurate doesn’t confer us much power. The appropriate attitude is to accept what you can change and what you can’t, like the famous alcoholics anonymous quote. You will handle the situation, you have the power to change.

Facing challenges is an integral part of taking action, we have a choice over our health. Note what you can control and deal with in life by doing the best with what you have, know where you are. I like to adopt an open-minded attitude when dealing with health issues because, in reality, nobody knows what is going on, even your doctor.

Your body possesses an intelligence of millions of years and adapts to the circumstances beautifully. If this was not the case, you wouldn’t be here at all. The disease is incredibly complex, and it’s problematic to discover a cause, and address that issue is hard.

Keratoconus what to do to solve this?

There is no fight to be fought, just acceptance and action, we have not an enemy, just our body and its intelligence. It is pleasant to believe that we can dominate the natural world, and in a way, human beings have been undertaking that for centuries. Civilization has been marked by the advance in science, art, and culture for the most part of history.

The idea of an enemy causing our problems can be traced back to the germ disease theory by Luis Pasteur; that theory has marked how we think about disease and started the let’s fight against an enemy attitude. Now we know that we have more bacteria in our bodies than healthy cells, not all organisms are trying to kill us, but help us in areas like digestion and nutrition. If we eliminate these bacteria, we will probably die. We are dancing with nature in an interchange compared to a beautiful symphony, and we need to learn to respect this natural order or we will pay the price.

What to do about your keratoconus? You will handle whatever, comes your way. This could be contact lenses, cross-linking or any other treatment recommended by your doctor. Invest in your health and vision, travel if necessary to get this challenge controlled. Try getting your contact lenses covered by insurance, but if not, pay them yourself.

Theories & Ideas

Cascade’s hypothesis concludes that abnormal levels of degradation enzymes are the cause of keratoconus. These enzymes generate apoptosis (cell death), alter corneal thickness and shape, and cause heavy astigmatism and myopia. The eye rubbing theory believes that by rubbing our eyes we are generating these same degradation enzymes; causing the thinning of the cornea that is a characteristic of keratoconus.

Basic Treatment

To clarify, the basic treatment of keratoconus are contact lenses designed for keratoconus corneas. Essentially, there are three types: corneal lenses, hybrid lenses, and scleral lenses. We have more options to handle this condition than ever, there is no cure, but keratoconus can be managed successfully. Contact lenses might be needed to achieve an acceptable vision. Scleral contact lenses_ are good to handle advanced cases and can be thought of as the last resort before a transplant. Scleral are bigger than regular corneal lenses, they get support on the white part of your eye called the sclera, producing a vault for your cornea filled with solution and tears. Scleral’s are an extremely reliable option for people that can’t handle other types of lenses.

Other treatments

In recent years treatments like cross-linking and intra-corneal rings have been created, however, these procedures are more invasive. Cross-linking halts the progression of the disease by utilizing ultraviolet light and riboflavin drops to forge bonds on the cornea collagen fibers. By hardening these fibers, it is declared to improve visual acuity on most patients. Time is required to see if it worked; you will likely need contact lenses anyway to correct your vision. Corneal rings are plastic rings that are introduced in the corneal stroma to provide support and reduce the front bulging; they have to be implanted surgically but can be withdrawn if they don’t work.

Why is good to improve in other areas

Keratoconus has to do as much with your habits as with your DNA. You express the preconditions to disease by your actions, by what you eat, and how you operate your body. We arrived at the fundamental point of this article. There needs to be awareness, to prevent the detriment of your health.

Nobody likes been told that their elevated blood pressure, diabetes, and I don’t know what else is caused by themselves. It is hard to confront the possibility that we are harming ourselves, It is far easier to blame a bug or a disease. We tend to want to get rid of disease as if it was something that happened to us, not something that we have a part in it.

This way of thinking requires discovering a cure that will get rid of the problem, without attending to the causes of illness. You can do much more than getting contact lenses, you can shift attention to how you have lived and improve in other areas. Nutrition, sleep, and cleaning habits are always important. Identify your part on the problem, not to take the blame, but to gain the leverage to improve the situation. By focusing on what you can improve, you can take control of your condition.

Good Attitude

A good attitude enables you to be less of a complainer, and more of an action-oriented guy. You try new things and feel better even when things get rough. It can be mentioned that your thinking and attitude will determine how your condition affects your life. Belief and attitude are cousins, they aid you to achieve far greater things. With the appropriate attitude, you won’t be a victim and will have the power to accept this challenge.


I like the feeling I am doing something for myself, even if it is cleaning my room or throwing the trash. By investing in my health, I can experiment with what works for me, everyone is different. Listen with caution but adopt an adventurous attitude. Always try new things like rare foods, unfamiliar music, and alter the route you take every day. Only by being persistent, you will see what works to aid you. Don’t complain, you need a little suffering before crossing that threshold and taking charge of your vision and life…

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Good Luck!

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