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Scleral lenses a final solution for keratoconus?

Scleral lenses a final solution for keratoconus?

Scleral Lenses

The keratoconus advanced patient has a great option called Scleral lenses; they help people that have become intolerant to other corneal lenses. New designs and materials make these lenses better every day and with proper management, you can adapt to them quickly. If you try them, Scleral lenses are probably the last option for us with advanced keratoconus, before the use of other more drastic measures.


Sclerals are different than corneal lenses in some aspects. The insertion and removing procedure is more complicated, especially the removing, and the eye has to adapt to the lens anyway, this lenses are bigger than corneal lenses and they get support in the white part of your eye called the Sclera. You never had any object touching this area, so you must adapt to that.

Problems and Advantages

Many people say that sclerals get foggy issues, I have never had that problem. In my experience, sclerals are a life-saving option but are different than corneal lenses.

Probably they are the last option besides piggy-backing to other surgical procedures. It is true that scleral lenses are not as good in clarity as very good fitted corneal lenses, but the comfort they provide is very good and once you get used to them and to the removal you will be glad you have them.

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Scleral Lens Education Society


Scleral lenses last years with proper management and cleaning. In the end, get a good pair of them. Adapt little by little, follow your routine of insertion, removal, and cleaning. You will not regret having them as an option to help you manage your keratoconus.

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