eye healing meditation
Therapy eye healing meditation

Eye healing meditation You can think of health as a state of “harmony” between the different parts of yourself.

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How to Liver Cleanse
Therapy How to Liver Cleanse

Liver Cleanse I have performed liver cleanses (flushes) over the years and they have worked, i did it because of my bad habits regarding food.

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Affirmations for Health
Therapy Affirmations for Health

Affirmations for Health How you lie to yourself Man is a lying organism, in fact, the evolution of the unconscious appears to be related to how a man lies to himself to get benefits for this deceiving.

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Grounding techniques
Therapy Grounding techniques

Grounding techniques If you have walked on a beach or barefoot on grass you know how refreshing these activities are.

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About Me

Hi There! I have keratoconus and have become very interested in this condition.

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