Do you have keratoconus?

Do you have keratoconus?

Do you have keratoconus?

The first time you realize you have visual problems is at school, you just can’t see clearly from behind the classroom, so you have to sit closer to the blackboard. When you went to the movies, you could not read the subtitles.

Soon you will learn to squint to try to see, this is classic child behavior, as an adolescent, you will wear glasses and need new prescriptions regularly, the sad part is that you will likely pass un-diagnosed for a long time since early keratoconus only produces a refractive error (meaning astigmatism and myopia), that can be corrected with glasses. It is years later that when your condition worsens, you are diagnosed because normal glasses or contact lenses can not help you anymore.

This happens when you go to a more experienced optometrist or contact lens fitter and he performs a series of tests like corneal pachymetry (testing the thickness of your cornea) or if he suspects you have keratoconus he performs an corneal topography, it is then that he will tell you you have keratoconus, of course very experienced OD by just examining your eyes with a lamp can see signs of the condition, but in early stages can be very difficult to diagnose.

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