How to deal with having Keratoconus

How to deal with having Keratoconus

Do you have Keratoconus?

Having keratoconus is hard, you don’t know what to do and nobody tells you what to expect. You cannot do much about it and if you could it would cost a lot of money.

Your future is at stake, the implications for your job, family, and security are real, if you cannot function well in the real world and compete with others you are at a disadvantage.

I understand all this because I have fought this condition for over 20 years

Your lifestyle affects your health” is a concept that convinced me to write a health guide for people like us.

You are someone special because if you were not you would not have this problem in the first place, but you are not a victim, I believe we can change what is harming us and replace it with a more healthy lifestyle.

Are you happy with your health? With the energy you feel and your happiness? With your nutrition? I can tell you that I am not and I know deep inside that there is much to improve in my life.

I recommend being open-minded and think for the long term, you have the right to do what you believe is best to solve your situation.

Root causes

Whatever you do the root causes of it will still exist in you, meaning that those plastic rings and that vitamin treatment with UV light to your cornea will strengthen it, but the keratoconus will be still there, its great to have those options now.

There is much you can do to improve not only your vision but your life in general, by adopting a lifestyle more in accordance with your needs, you can improve your health and vision at the same time.

There is no battle to fight, by trying to defeat this keratoconus by force you are giving it more power.

A new lifestyle

"You need a new lifestyle" if healthy people improve their life’s why can’t you? for someone with a degenerative condition, it is even more important. I encourage you to invest in yourself to preserve your vision. If you can’t invest much just get rid of bad habits, it is not so much about money but about doing what will be good for your body.

We have at our disposition more information and options than ever before, a healthy lifestyle can aid in any condition you suffer.

Good luck.

Heriberto R.

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