New keratoconus diagnosis?

New keratoconus diagnosis?

keratoconus Diagnosis

What to do and where to look for help.
basic concepts:

Do you have a keratoconus diagnosis? First, calm down, relax and search for a specialist and contact lens fitter with keratoconus experience. If it is the first time of your diagnosis, your Keratoconus might be not so advanced.

The first option treatment for someone with keratoconus is “specialty contact lenses”. There are many options and they can help you for years.

If you are very young in your teens and very advanced you might consider cross-linking, however, you must anyway first try to handle it with keratoconus contact lenses (Rose-K, Synergeyes, Sclerals lens..etc).

Helpful websites and associations

National Keratoconus Foundation- This is all you need for information. Referrals to doctors anywhere in the world and an online forum and newsletter. Order the “What is Keratoconus” booklet. My sincere appreciation to Kathy Warren’s help for many years.

Keratoconus Group- Large support community for keratoconus patients with lots of social media followers and blog.

How to cope with it
Don’t panic about trying to solve this with advanced treatments to get rid of the problem right away. Find a good doctor or fitter and invest first in a good pair of specialty contact lenses and adapt to them.

Ask your doctor or many doctors your options for treatments (Contacts, Cross-linking, rings etc..) and costs. You might need to travel to another city or country to do this.

You need to be resilient, it will take time to adjust to the lenses but you can do it, take baby steps. I strongly suggest first adapt to contact lenses and if that doesn’t work look for the other options.

Change your diet and hydrate. Have a routine for cleansing and removing your lenses and make it a habit. Use brands of solutions as recommended by your doctor. Stop rubbing your eyes and stop squinting.

looking at the future
You will handle this, it is not that hard, trust in your body and relax. Support it with nutrition and sleep.

If you are interested I have written a health guide for people with keratoconus, visit the amazon store.

Good Luck!
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