What is keratoconus

What is keratoconus

What is keratoconus?

Keratoconus from Greek: kerato (cornea), and konos cone. Is a condition of the cornea. The cornea is a lens in your eyes whose primary function is to focus the light rays from our environment into the retina in the back of our eyes.

How is keratoconus treated?

Gas-permeable contact lenses are the first option for someone with keratoconus. Today exists a great variety of specialty contact lenses to fit the keratoconus cornea (corneal, scleral, hybrid). The other treatments are more invasive and expensive like crosslinking (to stop progression), intacts (flatten the cornea), or transplant (worst case scenario), and you will probably still need contact lenses.

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What to do about it?

First: Invest in your vision
Get Informed of your options: go to the best doctor you can afford and buy the best contact lenses you can. This will help you go back to your life but will also help your corneas not to suffer.

Second: Change your diet*

The most important aspect you have control over is your diet. In conclusion, what you eat, in what quantities and how nutritious is your food is the most important thing to help you.

Third: Cleanse
By cleansing, you are improving your body conditions so it works as it should. A body rid of toxins can work in a more efficient manner and “probably” more protection and nutrients reach your eyes.

Fourth: Consciousness
Realize what you do and how you use your eyes, meanwhile be in the present, watch how you feel your neck and shoulders and how you breathe. Open your eyes wide and look into the distance, learn to relax your face muscles.

Fifth: Be positive and Proactive
Think you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Don’t let negative or pessimistic ideas, attitudes, or people distract you from your goal. If you are positive you will see things in a clearer way and this will help you get rid of the victim mentality.

Sixth: Take small steps
Don’t try to get rid of the problem because you won’t. Any treatment is supposed to stop the progression or improve your vision but has consequences.

*Try to reduce all processed grain foods to a minimum, go gluten-free if you can, and get rid of sugar, sodas, canned fruit, and sugary juices and stop smoking.


keratoconus is “believed” to be a degenerative condition. For most of us, the progression stops with age, however It is supposed to get worse with time; It is found in approximately 1 in 2000 people.

Many people have form fruste keratoconus (early keratoconus), but don’t know it because they can see with the lenses they use, so when the disease starts, and where it ends?

My idea is that everything you do can worse or improve your condition. The causes might be in us but we have also the power to change bad habits and improve in other areas. I believe that any degenerative condition can be improved by nutritional intervention, it may not cure you but can help you to have better health.

Being a victim and blaming your bad luck is not going to help you, but being proactive and taking small steps toward a healthier way of living will improve your life.

Getting glasses or contacts is not enough. Why settle for less when you can do many things and change many attitudes that are derogatory to your well-being?

Thanks for your interest and Good Luck.

Heriberto R.

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